Discover Our Cafeteria and Our Amenities!

When you need a place to chill for the night with friends, our hookah, coffee lounge, and cafeteria are open for business in Sterling, VA. We at Hooka Time Lounge value the importance of bonding and relaxing during the weekend with your friends to de-stress from a busy workweek, This is why we are ready to assist you whenever you need a place to talk or hang out with your best buds and catch up on life, our place is the perfect spot.


Why Choose Us?

If you’re someone with a knack for delicious snacks and a need for a coffee lounge, our shop is the place to be. We offer delectable snacks ranging from ice cream to Mexican food, and more that you can enjoy. Aside from our main activity which is Hookah, you can enjoy some quiet time with your friends whenever you spend a day with us at our lounge. And who can say no to Mexican food when hanging out with friends? With our culturally diverse snacks, you’ll enjoy snacks from countries coming on different ends.

Spend some quality time today with your friends, and have a taste of delicious food from our cafeteria, only at our coffee and Hookah lounge at Hooka Time Lounge in Sterling, VA. Call us now at (703) 433-1534 for inquiries.

Services List

  • Mexican Food Service
  • Hookah Service
  • Coffee Drinks Service
  • Soft Drinks Service
  • Ice cream Service
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